241,000 acres – Save Our Area

Where next?

Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited hold a 100% interest in Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) 183.

This licence covers approximately 241,000 acres in the area north of the Humber River.

This site on farmland could be the first of many across the region.

Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd, a private company with its head office in Calgary, Canada.

If this drilling goes ahead the land-owner and Connaught Oil and Gas Ltd stand to make huge profits with little benefit but huge devastation to the local area.


Walkington is well known for the Victorian Hayride procession which ran for 40 years and raised over £250,000 for charity. It was the idea of well-respected local Ernie Teal who, all those years ago, wanted to come up with an event to raise money to help in the fight against Cancer.

He recalled the days when all the village would turn out, ride on horse-drawn hay wagons out into the countryside, to enjoy a village picnic. Ernie decided to recreate those bygone days and, with the help of villagers, and horsemen from around the County, the Walkington Victorian Hayride was born.

The Hayride quickly became a spectacular event with the Sunday parade being the longest procession of horse drawn vehicles on the open road in the Country. Other functions developed around the parade and soon the village enjoyed a week of colourful and fun activities.

Since then the village has continued to stage a variety of events on the third weekend of June (barn dances, garden parties, cricket tounaments etc) and suppport for local charities continues too.

Walkington has 3 pubs and a village school with approximately 250 junior and infant pupils. See Walkington News for the latest events and information about Walkington.


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