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Keep fracking in the north?

Lord Howell of Guildford, George Osborne’s father-in-law has warned that the Conservatives will lose thousands of votes if fracking goes ahead in the Tory heartlands of southern England and the home counties instead of the “derelict” north, where Labour dominates.

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Cuadrilla seek law change to drill under homes

The energy company leading efforts to exploit Britain’s shale gas reserves has threatened to pull out unless the law is changed to allow it to drill under people’s homes without their permission.

3rd letter to residents


The final session at the Rathlin 21/12/11 meeting (started at about 18:45 hrs) was quite revealing as to Rathlin’s intentions: Some interesting questions were raised and the answers that followed are summarised below:

1 Rathlin have insisted all along, that the controversial and environmentally damaging technique known as Hydraulic Fracturing is not part of their plans. Fracking was brought up by a concerned resident. The resident asked Rathlin a direct question. “Will you (Rathlin) be using Hydraulic fracturing“. The answer from Rathlin was- “NO” Another resident then followed up asking Rathlin, if they were not going to be ‘Fracking’ then would they be willing to sign a Section 106 to legally bind them to their verbal undertaking ? ( Planning Obligation & Section 106 Agreement is a legal document that is binding) The Rathlin chairman Mr Montague Smith replied that they would have to speak to their lawyers.This obviously could be construed, as a disingenuous intent on Fracking in the future
Currently – Rathlin have NO working installation in Ireland, now NO operational/establishment experience in U.K !

2. Looking to the future and at the big picture of a commercially viable gas find at Crawberry Hill. Rathlin were asked whether a gas processing plant would be required at Crawberry Hill. Rathlin were not sure how to answer this. However, oil and gas professionals will tell you that a gas processing plant will be required to enable the gas to be dehydrated and compressed prior to forcing it into the national transmission system. The plant required will inevitably generate vibration and noise 24/7.
Rathlin seem keen to promote the idea of oil being the prospect target with visions of a benign ‘nodding donkey’being situated at Crawberry Hill. However gas has now been mentioned too !

3. A concerned resident having previously worked on related projects expressed concern at the ability of the road infrastructure to cope with the amount and size of vehicles that will be required. He related the current experience with Stoneledge, who have the right to come through the villages being a local business. Rathlin were quite happy with the current arrangements as they feel as they have approached the Highways Department and have their blessing. However Rathlin cannot be certain as to the exact volume of traffic that will be generated with respect to any hydrocarbon liquids and waste water produced. They cannot estimate it at this stage.

4. A concerned resident raised the financial standing of Rathlin, with data indicating it being heavily indebted. Rathlin are operating as a Limited Company with limited liability. Other credible Canadian Oil and Gas Companies do not operate in the UK in multiple company layers. Other credible Canadian companies operate in the UK under their own international name, with the backing of a big company resource. Why not Rathlin?

5. Rathlin during their presentation aimed to give the audience confidence that their planned operations would not pollute our aquifer (our drinking water supply). Another concerned resident directed a question specifically at senior executive Mr Selkirk and chairman Mr Montague Smith .The question was, “if you are so confident of not polluting our aquifer would you be willing to sign personal financial guarantees backed by your personal assets that this will not occur. The answer from Mr Montague Smith was a resounding and immediate NO! so Rathlin are probably not so confident after all…..and this was probably the straightest answer to a question all night!

Please remember we are all custodians of Walkington village, no matter how long you have lived here, one month or several generations, your voice counts, together we can speak as one and protect our village for this generation and future generations. Stop Walkington village becoming a casualty.

What you can do if you OBJECT to Rathlins planning application 11/04441/STPLF ?
Despite Rathlin’s PR campaign it can still be stopped! we must Mobilise public opinion, lobby E.R.Y.C. p/committee.
1.Insist noise levels and noise distribution areas are re- assessed, it could have unacceptable impact on residents.
2.Submission of Traffic volume and logistics not accurate, re-assessment required, unacceptable impact on village.
3.Querry why the Planning Section 106 agreement has not been attached to Rathlins current application regarding Fracking (to confirm denial of Fracking now in the public domain) protecting Walkington village, residents + assets.
4.Insist E.R.Y.C. employ a specialist oil+gas Expert to re assess Rathlins drilling proposals as this could actually include the prelude to Fracking , opening the door to- major permanent impact on our village of WALKINGTON.
The planning decision advisers / imposers web link contact details are here: The Planning Committee councillors of E.R.Y.C. are:

Mrs P.Pollard (Chairman)
Mrs K.West (Vice Chairman)
Mr C.F.Bayram
Mr C.Chadwick
Mrs M.R.Chapman MBE
Mr T.Galbraith
Mrs K.L.Harold
Mr B.Pearson
Mrs D.Sharpe

Lib Dem
Mr P.Davison

Mr J.Whittle

Mr Boatman

These people are a Must for contacting:

MP Beverley and Holderness
Mr Graham Stuart

Mr S Parnaby OBE.
Leader of E.R.Y.C + Walkington ward councillor

Mr B Birmingham + Walkington ward coucillor

Mrs P Pollard + Walkington ward councillor

Mr Menzies
Chief executive E.R.Y.C.

Mr P Ashcroft
Head o planning E.R.Y.C

Mr D Hendley
E.R.Y.C Rathlin case officer

Please take the time to write or email lobbying all the 18 above people to reject this application. The next planning committee meeting is at 14.00 hrs.12 January 2012 so time is running out. If your write please allow 5 days for processing at E.R.Y.C, Remember we each have to do this independently ( unfortunately a petition is seen as only one name) Your personal objection is vital for the future our village and beyond.

Thank you.

3rd letter to Walkington residents

Call on Scottish Government to ban fracking after process found to cause Blackpool earth tremors

Environmental campaigners have called on the Scottish Government to ban a controversial technique for extracting gas deep underground after an industry report concluded it was the “highly probable” cause of earth tremors in Lancashire earlier this year.

The report by shale gas firm Cuadrilla Resources found that the technique is likely to have triggered earth tremors near Blackpool earlier this year. Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’, involves injecting water, sand and chemicals under high pressure into shale rock or coal beds to release trapped gas.