Fears turn to cheers as Bentley gas protest gets joyful news Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/fears-turn-to-cheers-as-bentley-gas-protest-gets-joyful-news-20140515-38cw3.html#ixzz32NTVDPfA

Fears turn to cheers as Bentley gas protest gets joyful news Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/fears-turn-to-cheers-as-bentley-gas-protest-gets-joyful-news-20140515-38cw3.html#ixzz32NTVDPfA

Here is an example of  local action from Australia – it may soon be like this here.  


Meeting Monday 19th May 2014

There will be a meeting in Walkington Village Hall on Monday 19th May at 7:30pm

Concerned about the drilling between Walkington and Bishop Burton?

· What could happen to our much beloved countryside?
· How could possible leakage from drilling effect the water supply?
· What happens if the drilling company find gas and or oil?
· How is low level radiation involved?
· Why have fracking campaigners been protecting the drill site near the Crawberry Hill between Walkington and Bishop Burton?
· How would a company extract those deposits?

Crawberry Hill contractor runs down protector, arrested; former Director of Education + wife arrested blocking gate

There were 3 arrests at Crawberry Hill well site this morning.

A bystander who witnessed events said “A tele-fork driver arrived, apparently to crane away concrete blocks in front of the gate to gain vehicle access to the site. 2 protectors were walking in front of the vehicle and 1 sat in front of the gate. The driver put his foot down and accelerated towards the protectors- 1 ran to the left and 1 to the right and managed to get out of the way, the 3rd protector, Ben Deevoy was run down.
The driver was arrested and the protector taken to Hull Royal Infirmary.” Ben suffered minor injuries and shock.

Local residents visit the site all day long to drop off supplies and learn about Rathlin’s plans for the site, and 2 residents of Beverley who were present at the time, Jon Mager, a retired Director of Education and member of the Green Party, and his wife Val sat down in front of the gate (pic attached) to prevent contractors getting on site. They were both arrested under the Trade Union Act

The Environment Agency grants Mining Waste Permit to Rathlin

The Environment Agency has just granted the Mining Waste Permits for Rathlin to conduct testing at their two wells in East Yorkshire, including a minifrac on the Bowland Shale (mini fall off test).

Richard Howarth from HEY Frack Off (Hull & East Yorkshire Frack Off) said, “this is clearly testing for fracking- and that could lead to literally hundreds of wells across the beautiful East Yorkshire countryside- industrialisation on a massive scale.”

Testing for fracking

In their EA Permit Application Rathlin explain they are testing for possible High Volume fracking in future.

Rathlin state they have no plans to frack, but always qualify this as no immediate plans to frack, or no plans to frack these wells, or not by them. When pressed they refuse to rule out fracking in future, and admit that if the conventional reserves aren’t viable, but the shale is, there could be fracking.

Despite claiming to only be interested in conventional reserves Rathlin actually drilled far deeper, right down to the Bowland shale formation. They will have taken samples of shale rock when they drilled the wells, and tested the samples in the lab. We can assume the tests were promising as they plan to return to site to conduct a minifrac test on the shale rock in May 2014.

Gas can only be extracted from shale by fracking.

Shan Oakes, who lives close by in Beverley and is standing for the Green Party in the upcoming Euro elections, visited the site today and said, “it’s unbelievable that we’re drilling for more fossil fuels, let alone fracking, when we should be leaving them in the ground. Energy conservation and renewables, creating thousands more jobs, is the way forward. Contamination of the drinking water aquifer we all rely on would be a catastrophe. It needs to be stopped before it starts- and needs all of us to support the Protectors.”

The Vale of Glamorgan says no to drilling

See thevalesaysno.com for details of the successful Vale of Glammorgan campaign against drilling.

“Common sense prevailed! The Vale of Glamorgan planning committee unanimously rejected the planning application that we have been campaigning against for 7 months!

We have won the battle, but we haven’t won the war. There is still a lot to do, but this is a fantastic result.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this campaign so far. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but it has certainly paid off for now.

Here are a few reports on last night:

We hope this sets an example to other campaign groups and planning committees. You can stop it at this early stage!

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