Planning Application

What you can do if you OBJECT to Rathlins planning application 11/04441/STPLF ?

    Despite Rathlin’s PR campaign it can still be stopped! we must Mobilise public opinion, lobby E.R.Y.C. p/committee.

  1. Insist noise levels and noise distribution areas are re- assessed
  2. Submission of Traffic volume and logistics not accurate, re-assessment required
  3. Query why the Planning Section 106 agreement has not been attached to Rathlins current application regarding Fracking (to confirm denial of Fracking now in the public domain)
  4. Insist E.R.Y.C. employ a specialist oil+gas Expert to re assess Rathlins drilling proposals as this could actually include the prelude to Fracking , opening the door to- major permanent impact on our village of Walkington.

The Planning Committee councillors of E.R.Y.C. are:

Mrs P.Pollard (Chairman)
Mrs K.West (Vice Chairman)
Mr C.F.Bayram
Mr C.Chadwick
Mrs M.R.Chapman MBE
Mr T.Galbraith
Mrs K.L.Harold
Mr B.Pearson
Mrs D.Sharpe

Lib Dem
Mr P.Davison

Mr J.Whittle

Mr Boatman

These people are a Must for contacting:

MP Beverley and Holderness
Mr Graham Stuart

Mr S Parnaby OBE.
Leader of E.R.Y.C + Walkington ward councillor

Mr B Birmingham + Walkington ward coucillor

Mrs P Pollard + Walkington ward councillor

Mr Menzies
Chief executive E.R.Y.C.

Mr P Ashcroft
Head o planning E.R.Y.C

Mr D Hendley
E.R.Y.C Rathlin case officer

Please take the time to write or email lobbying all the 18 above people to reject this application. The next planning committee meeting is at 14.00 hrs.12 January 2012 so time is running out. If you write please allow 5 days for processing at E.R.Y.C, Remember we each have to do this independently.

3rd letter to Walkington residents

Planning Application and Responses

The Bishop Burton website has a very comprehensive page giving details of the planning application and responses to it. Bishop Burton Planning Details

Select How to Stop The Drill to see the latest update on the application and what you can do about it.


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